Smart Search Campaign Drives 175% Increase in Quality Leads

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Australia is in a fitness frenzy, and we can’t get enough of healthy foods! It’s true (and we know because we’ve done all of the research). It paid off - through fresh creative assets, a fresh go-to-market strategy and the know-how with Google Search, we drove unbelievable results.

Smart Search Campaign Drives 175% Increase in Quality Leads
Smart Search Campaign Drives 175% Increase in Quality Leads

The Problem

Provender offers a range of vending solutions, but under new management, they were really focused on pushing their new wellbeing machine. Their desire was to position themselves as a compelling alternative to their competitors, changing the mentality in people’s minds about what a vending machine can actually be. Their machines focus on health and providing snacks that people don’t feel bad about having – and they can be tailored as well.

To fully embrace this shift, they needed to first update their website. It was a few years old, and it needed to be mobile optimised and updated to best reflect the changes in the business.

We knew that we needed to help them to update the look and feel of the brand, by making it relevant to the market and user behaviour. Once this was achieved on their key digital asset – their website – we needed a smart strategy for how to bring this to market.

The Idea

To nail Provender’s new look and feel, we looked at the industry and researched the trends; in particular, the healthy lifestyle craze in Australia. We began with a photoshoot, to showcase the wellbeing machine and represent its healthy alternatives.

The new website was given a total redesign, and it was updated to be mobile optimised and user friendly, driving lead generation. Research was again imperative, and we found that people were actually searching for particular products to go inside of vending machines. With this in mind, we created product-specific sections of the website. The site was structured to be informative and responsive to common prospective client queries, but also prominently driving lead generation.

We needed a smart go-to-market strategy for how to best drive lead generation on the new website. Provender had run paid Google search campaigns previously, but on a small scale. To start, we set up a test campaign in one market, focusing on driving prospective clients to call or fill out a lead form, and including a focus on the emerging health-conscious market as well. Key to this was making sure we were going to market with a compelling offer: to get a free vending machine for your business.

We updated the brand guidelines for consistency as well, ensuring that all touch points featured similar messaging, from communications to the logos used on staff uniforms, and of course, the copy used in search.

Smart Search Campaign Drives 175% Increase in Quality Leads
Smart Search Campaign Drives 175% Increase in Quality Leads
Smart Search Campaign Drives 175% Increase in Quality Leads

The Result

The test market campaign surpassed all KPIs, including the key KPI of leads generated. We extended the campaign nationally, with clear KPIs set based on actionable business results: We knew the rate of conversion and the value of converted leads, to be able to set a goal of monthly leads. The trial period for the national campaign was for two months, but we met our KPI after one. In fact, we increased leads nationally by 175%! Within the first six weeks of the national campaign, paid search traffic to the website increased by an impressive 385%.

Key to this as well was ensuring that leads are quality – not just purely focusing on quantity. Provender has been flat out with new business, and have even had an interest in major, national accounts.

The new website is a success, as evidenced by excellent improvement in user engagement with the site. This includes a 140% increase in users on the site, an increase of web sessions by 124%, and 70% more page views. This couples well with a 14% decrease in bounce rate.

These results demonstrate the importance of aligning your web efforts with your search efforts. The website was built to be user and mobile first, which worked hand in hand with a smart search strategy to drive incredible lead generation. As a result, this was a major – positive – shift to the entire Provender business.

Digital cannot work in silos, and it’s key to have a digital strategy that delivers on actionable business results. At headmark, we can work with you to optimise your site to ensure optimum performance, and then use careful and strategic digital targeting to push your business further. Sound ideal? Contact us today!

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