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Tyres & More YouTube Advertising Earns 10% Brand Awareness Lift

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Digital provides brands with unprecedented opportunity up and down the marketing funnel. When running an awareness campaign, this can still include smart targeting to reach people most likely to be in the market and interested in your brand. Find out how our digital branding campaign for Tyres & More helped them stand out.

Tyres & More YouTube Advertising Earns 10% Brand Awareness Lift
Tyres & More YouTube Advertising Earns 10% Brand Awareness Lift

The Problem

Tyres & More is a key brand providing tyres and mechanical services across Australia. To actively recruit and convert new customers, we’ve been running a comprehensive Search strategy for them, but they hadn’t run an awareness campaign in a few months, and previously relied on traditional media to do so. Cross-channel strategies reach customers at different levels of the marketing funnel, and an awareness campaign would complement well with our Search strategy to bring fresh eyes to the company and raise awareness to help Tyres & More to stand out from competitors.

We wanted to get the Tyres & More name out to targeted audiences, while also making sure that potential customers were familiar with their knockout offer – when you buy three selected tyres, you get one free!

Tyres & More has often relied on traditional media, but recently, we’ve helped them switch this spend to digital. Over the Easter season (April 2019), they brought an additional budget to us to utilise to drive awareness. This is one of Australia’s key holiday seasons, with three public holidays in the space of a week. Lots of people take holidays, kids are off school and there’s plenty of marketing bombarding people everywhere – so we knew we had to approach the campaign in as tactical a manner as possible.

The Idea

To increase the online presence of Tyres & More, we decided to run a cross-channel strategy to drive recall, with the clear objective of raising brand awareness. Using a sizeable budget, our focus was on hitting the right mix of customers.

The Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer is for selected Yokohama tyres, and exclusive to Tyres & More. This was a key opportunity for us to raise awareness about Tyres & More as well as this offer, and specifically with Yokohama fans who may not be aware that Tyres & More are the exclusive partner for such savings. To drive maximum reach and recall, we executed a cross-channel strategy across YouTube, Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram. This included banners, ads in Facebook feeds, and YouTube videos – a 15-second ad and a 6-second bumper ad (which is unskippable).

Our target audience included people who weren’t necessarily in the market and actively looking for tyres at that moment (it’s a 2-year lifecycle) as well as those who are in the market but shopping with competitors, all of whom might need to make such purchases in the future. Our aim was to ensure they were familiar with the brand and likely to become Tyres & More customers in future. As this was an awareness KPI, our focus was on impressions and website traffic, getting as many relevant eyeballs as possible to see our Tyres & More campaign and driving them to our website.

The Result

YouTube proved to be an excellent channel for engaging new customers and raising awareness about Tyres & More. On our skippable ad, we had a view through rate of 45%, which is above the industry standard (35%). As viewers were free to skip the advert whenever they wanted, this result speaks to the quality of the ad itself, as well as the offer and in turn the brand. Google conducted a Brand Lift Study during our campaign, and our brand awareness lift (10%) and ad recall rate (21%) were on par with Australian standards.

In terms of total impressions, we earned over 15 million across all of the digital channels. Key to this was not only quantity, but the quality of the audience reached. As a result of this branding campaign, web sessions increased by 142% as compared to the previous month. Users were engaged, as the average session duration increased by 29%, with page views per session increasing by 10%.

Our creative team specialises in digital assets, with an understanding of video and the attention span of the average consumer. This meant that while it was important to get the visuals right, the timing was everything as well – ensuring that the brand and the offer was shown upfront. Ninety-six percent of users saw the Tyres & More branding, and the full key offer messaging was exposed to 81%. The Call to Action was displayed to 58% of viewers, with 45% staying through to the end of the ad.

These results were excellent awareness drivers. What’s even better is how this complemented our Search strategy, impacting our key business KPI of calls to the business: The daily volume of calls to Tyres & More stores increased by 15%.

Ultimately, our approach to YouTube leverages the skills of many different team members here at headmark. If you would like to learn more about how we can incorporate video and YouTube advertising into your branding strategies, get in touch!

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