Brand Awareness Digital Campaign

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Yokohama has a global reputation to uphold, so brand image and awareness is absolutely everything. Find out how we are increasing their brand awareness in Australia by driving more quality traffic through to their website through Google Search and Display.

Brand Awareness Digital Campaign
Brand Awareness Digital Campaign
Brand Awareness Digital Campaign
Brand Awareness Digital Campaign

The Problem

Yokohama is a leading, internationally successful tyre brand. They wanted to make sure that their website was appearing as the top result on relevant brand and industry searches to increase brand awareness and reinforce their global reputation.

We knew that a brand awareness campaign would help to deliver new, quality audiences directly to Yokohama themselves. We wanted to drive home the message that Yokohama tyres are among the best on the market, and push the fact that they’re available at respected dealers across Australia.

The Idea

To increase Yokohama brand awareness and ensure their place as the top search result for brand and industry-related searches, we built out a comprehensive search strategy to drive people through to the Yokohama site. Utilising our close relationship with Google, and our dedicated account manager as part of the Google Premier Partnership, we’ve been able to change with the times over the last four years to keep delivering the best-in-class search results.

Our approach has been digitally focused and involves running an always-on search campaign. We have optimised and evolved this strategy over the years to keep delivering strong results and to keep Yokohama at the top of consumers’ minds for relevant searches. In addition, this has been supported with other upper funnel activities, including YouTube and Google Display Network campaigns. In 2019, we also have ventured into Smart Display campaigns to help build product awareness around the Geolandar range, yielding great results.

We are trusted advisors to the team at Yokohama, and so with our guidance, they updated their website towards the end of 2018 to ensure that it was more mobile-friendly. This involved changing everything from images and copy through to the buttons. We have utilised this to help improve our search results and drive up our quality score.

Our key KPI revolved around increasing website sessions, but we also wanted to drive traffic to the key dealers’ websites as well.

Brand Awareness Digital Campaign
Brand Awareness Digital Campaign

The Result

We continue to hit our digital KPIs for Yokohama, and when we do, we make sure to move the mark to drive further success each and every time. Comparing Q4 2018 with Q1 2019 demonstrates this; we were able to achieve our KPIs and increase web sessions by 18%.

We found that when looking at the total relevant keyword searches over the same period of time, Yokohama’s impression share increased considerably as well, by 10%.

Finally, over the same six-month period, we found that Yokohama appeared as the top-of-page search result nearly ¾ of the time.

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