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Video-first Muffin Break Campaign Earns 135% Customer Acquisition KPI

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Video-first Muffin Break Campaign Earns 135% Customer Acquisition KPI
Video-first Muffin Break Campaign Earns 135% Customer Acquisition KPI

The Challenge 

Muffin Break serves up award-winning coffee, and they asked for our help creating and executing their annual coffee campaign. The timing of the campaign also lined up perfectly with the relaunch of their Muffin Break Rewards App. We seized on this opportunity to run Muffin Break’s first acquisition campaign in over two years, championing that any download of the new app – by new or existing customers – earned that customer a free coffee.

We clocked that we had a prime opportunity on our hands to create cool, creative video content and an integrated campaign that would drive the significant acquisition of regular customers and boost mobile app downloads.

Video-first Muffin Break Campaign Earns 135% Customer Acquisition KPI

The Idea

Users who download the Rewards App and join the Muffin Break loyalty program get their first coffee free. With this fabulous hook at our disposal as a way to promote the app, we repositioned their coffee campaign as an acquisition campaign optimised to app downloads.

With the benefit of studio and digital under one roof, the headmark team worked seamlessly together to create an eye-catching, mobile-first campaign of cross-channel creative assets.

The campaign was digital-first in orientation, with a tightly-run Facebook campaign and a Google Universal App campaign. The latter is an automated campaign that runs across the Google suite (YouTube, Display, Google Play Store, Search), optimising to app downloads. 

This was integrated with a tailored content strategy, which included emailing the active, robust loyalty database (over 250K users) to get them to uninstall the old app and install the new one, triggering the free coffee offer for them as well.

As a Google Premier Partner, our close relationship with Google means we can work with their reps to create assets geared to operate at full capacity. Recognising that video is now a crucial player across the network, we turned our video ads into vertical video, which created an optimum user experience on mobile.

The Results

The results were stellar, making this campaign a true star!

  • We achieved 135% of our estimated KPI, with 27K downloads across an 8-week period.
  • This translated into 27K new users for the loyalty program. 
  • New users were put into an automated journey to encourage them to remain in the loyalty program and to continue as regular Muffin Break customers after they’d used their free coffee.

The campaign was a resounding success for acquisition, putting the Muffin Break brand in front of a significant number of new eyeballs. We earned 3.4M impressions across Google and 3M impressions across FB, for a combined total of 7.4M impressions.

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