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Tyres & More Search Campaign Drives 72% Increase in Leads

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Understanding the target audience for Tyres & More allowed us to design a bespoke campaign to help drive more calls to their business. When people need tyres, they need them now - which was the basis of our comprehensive digital campaign.

Tyres & More Search Campaign Drives 72% Increase in Leads
Tyres & More Search Campaign Drives 72% Increase in Leads
Tyres & More Search Campaign Drives 72% Increase in Leads

The Problem

Tyres & More is a successful national franchise known for being distributors of Yokohama tyres. They also offer an array of everyday tyres and other vehicle-related services to the typical Australian consumer. Having previously relied on traditional mass media advertising like TV and radio, digital was obviously new territory for them — and quite the commitment.

The problem for Tyres & More was discerning how to best reach the right people, at the right place, and the right time, i.e. those actively searching for a tyre or service provider. Tyres are a necessity purchase, not a desired one — in fact, they’re often something purchased reluctantly. When people need tyres, they tend to need them immediately, and they are seldom making decisions informed by a half-remembered TV or radio advert from six months ago.

As an added complication, Tyres & More wished to make sure we were targeting and reaching the relevant audience equally across over 60 locations in all of Australia. Our goals were to increase brand awareness, credibility, and growth within these regions.

The Idea

Google Search is an integral part of the customer experience in the 21st century, and a powerful research tool when considering a product or service. This is no different for tyres; customers want to find the closest and most convenient store to best meet their needs. Often, they don’t already have somewhere in mind, and so we knew that it was imperative to build a strong search campaign to drive as many prospective customers through to Tyres & More as possible. Our main KPI was calls to the business, which was measured on a store level through the call tracking servicem Delacon.

Tyres & More had been a headmark. client for around five years at this point, so we had been able to familiarise ourselves with the brand and experiment with messaging that worked quite extensively. The additional budget to digital only meant we could now deliver more effective results. Digital offers the most cost effective opportunity to reach users in the market actively searching for tyres and/or servicing. When people are searching for relevant queries, visibility is key. You can serve localised relevant adverts to people who need exactly what you’re offering through geotargeting.

It was important to this client that we report results on a store by store basis, which was why we prioritised the importance of localised and relevant content for optimal user experience. We created landing pages for each individual location. We then worked closely with Google to include targeted information through Google My Business extensions, providing users with ample insight regarding their local stores. As a Google Premier Partner, we were also able to consult with them on how to properly manage and optimise this search account.

Through our other close relationship with Delacon and utilising their call tracking service, we identified results on a store by store basis and optimised for more calls across the business. These calls came from both prospective tyre purchasers and those requiring other car services they needed.

Tyres & More Search Campaign Drives 72% Increase in Leads
Tyres & More Search Campaign Drives 72% Increase in Leads

The Result

Tyres & More saw a 72% increase in calls from 2017 to 2019 as a result of our comprehensive search strategy.

Over the past six months, Tyres & More’s impression share increased by 28%, meaning they appeared for over a quarter more of relevant searches.

Not only did we increase the number of times Tyres & More ads appeared, but we also delivered these ads to a qualified audience. As a result, their CTR improved by 38%!

Your brand may not sell tyres, but we can still help drive you to success. Get in touch to find out how our digital campaigns can improve the visibility of your business today.

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