How we drive franchisee growth in a competitive market

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How we drive franchisee growth in a competitive market
How we drive franchisee growth in a competitive market

The Challenge

One of Australia’s top franchise groups asked us to accelerate lead growth for their two much-loved national food retail franchises.

We’ve been their franchising advertising partners for over 10 years. As a result, we’ve become part of the team; trusted advisors on the unique needs of franchise marketing.

This particular challenge was not just about growing meaningful leads for new franchisees in an increasingly competitive market; it also meant converting them through thoughtful brand storytelling and a carefully-designed marketing funnel. 

The Idea

For both franchises, franchisee recruitment is housed on different websites to their consumer-facing platforms. This allowed us to appeal to a specific audience through targeted brand messaging. 

Firstly, our creative studio overhauled the websites so that the user experience is much more intuitive, harnessing cleaner visuals and taglines. For both sites, the team regularly updates available locations and makes improvements to create a better user experience.

Our creative studio then created strong messaging, and our expert digital marketing team optimised a franchise recruitment Google Search campaign, which was supplemented with Facebook advertising for lead gen and awareness.

The digital campaigns were integrated with email campaigns to existing leads to encourage conversion farther down the funnel of engagement. 

Post lead-generation conversion was a key focus for us. Given the investment level, franchise recruitment can have a long loop, so the marketing funnel we developed is designed to nurture leads at different stages of their journey. 

We do this through meaningful storytelling – underscoring not only our client’s commitment to franchisees via marketing and business support, but how they support the Australian community and environment. We also highlight the ROI and satisfaction that successful franchisees enjoy. 

The Result

The client were thrilled with their 2019 results, supported by website data:

  • 40% improvement in average website session duration on the new franchising website since October launch.
  • 53% YOY improvement for website average session time.
  • 2% growth in conversion rate from Paid Search, i.e. Users completing the website form for more information. It’s at an all-time high of 3%.
  • Click through from Google Search has improved on both franchise websites, showing that users are more engaged in learning about the brands before conversion. 

In a competitive landscape, we’ve helped our client generate new franchisee leads through website optimisation backed up by a high-performing digital campaign. We’ve then helped drive conversion through meaningful brand storytelling and creative messaging.

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