‘We Get the NDIS’: How We Gave PROVIDERplus Strategic Direction

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‘We Get the NDIS’: How We Gave PROVIDERplus Strategic Direction
‘We Get the NDIS’: How We Gave PROVIDERplus Strategic Direction

The Challenge

Our client PROVIDERplus wanted to grow their customer database and leads for their key NDIS services.

Our campaign KPIs were set at 400 quality leads monthly, either completed website forms or generated phone calls.

While a clever digital campaign would be key, we recognised that a fresh strategic direction and clearer messaging were fundamental, to cut through the noise in what is becoming a crowded field.

The Idea

The headmark team got to work identifying the point of difference that PROVIDERplus offers in the NDIS field, in order to strengthen the brand and the digital campaign through a more effective tone of voice.

Given their expertise, unique understanding of the NDIS and practical solutions, we devised the tagline ‘We Get the NDIS’. They offer strategic guidance to their clients that is unparalleled in the field.

Using this strong messaging, we then focused on PROVIDERplus’ three most profitable services: New NDIS provider registrations, annual renewals and NDIS audits.

Knowing that each of the services has a different value for the business, we created dedicated landing pages and separate conversions for each one, which allowed us to better manage budgets and focus on the most valuable services that PROVIDERplus offer.

Throughout the campaign, we continued to monitor landing page performance and constantly tweak them to improve results.

We used a portfolio of Google products to produce strong results for PROVIDERplus, all harnessing the hero messaging ‘We Get the NDIS’.

We used Google Search Ads to reach new and returning users and Responsive Search Ads to better match customer searches.

We also used Google Display Ads to increase brand awareness and reach users who hadn’t engaged with the brand in the past. We remarketed to users who had already visited the website but didn’t fill out the contact form or call the business.

We also produced highly creative YouTube Ads, using the ‘We Get the NDIS’ messaging to reach potential new customers, and also to remarket to existing customers.

The Results

PROVIDERplus loved the ‘We Get the NDIS’ tagline. headmark’s strategic messaging gave them confidence and put wind in the brand’s sails.

Since we started optimising the PROVIDERplus account in June 2020, headmark has achieved astounding results for the brand, a result of both the creative approach and the digital delivery.

This is shown in Q2 2021 vs. Q2 2020 results:
– Sessions improved by +165%
– Users improved +244%
– Bounce Rate dropped -5%
– Phone Calls grew by +127.4%
– 90% more conversions is generated from Google paid advertising
– The overall leads from all channels grew by +75%

Our success and transparency built trust with the client, which encouraged them to invest more into paid advertising.

PROVIDERplus now has a confident online presence and we have become their trusted advisors on strategy.

Like to drive meaningful growth for your business? Talk to headmark today about how we can build your brand.

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