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13% calls uplift driven by Tyres & More’s “branding bursts”

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13% calls uplift driven by Tyres & More’s “branding bursts”
13% calls uplift driven by Tyres & More’s “branding bursts”

The Challenge

We’ve become trusted advertising partners for our long-term client Tyres & More. Having worked with them on multiple successful campaigns and an always on strategy, they know we provide 100% accountability on all of the work we do.

In 2019, the challenge was to increase brand awareness of the Tyres & More brand, to ensure that when customers need tyre and auto repairs, they think Tyres & More. To achieve this, we wanted to make sure online users think of the lesser known “More” in Tyres & More, as well as their core product of tyres. This meant raising brand awareness of their general auto services, which includes car maintenance and repairs. 

The Idea

We designed a sophisticated omnichannel strategy harnessing the power of video and animation, which encompassed YouTube, Social (FB/Instagram) and Display, to reach new audiences for tyres but also highlighted Tyres & More’s general services.

This complemented our ‘Always On’ Search strategy, which is primarily Google Search, so Tyres & More is present at the point of consideration, for users who are actively researching tyres and mechanical services.

In 2019, we also introduced ‘branding bursts’ – brand awareness campaigns that ran in April, June, October and December. Video was at the heart of these branding campaigns, and YouTube was a key component of this strategy, driving brand awareness and ad recall that beat industry standards. 

With full-screen ad view and audio on, YouTube is the perfect platform for general brand messaging. Our creative director is also an expert in creating powerful YouTube ads that pack a punch. We used a mix of a longer video ad along with the 6-second unskippable bumper ad to deliver our key brand message and call to action. 

All video content was mobile optimised, and we updated the website landing page to be mobile friendly. This was crucial. In 2018, 66% of brand searches were generated on mobile devices. This rose +40% in 2019. Brands cannot afford to be cavalier about mobile. 


Tyres & More was delighted with the strong results of the year-long branding efforts, reflected in the below statistics. First off, we ran a ‘Brand Lift’ study in April to capture the rise in awareness: 

  • Brand ad recall lift – 21.4%
  • Brand awareness lift – 10.2%

There was also a significant boost to website users during the branding campaigns (2019 vs. 2018):

    • Website Sessions +46%
    • New Users +54%
    • Website Quote Leads +163%

Finally, this impacted our lead gen KPI as well, driving more calls to the business!  Across 2019, we generated +13% calls (versus 2018), which is our main KPI.

These results prove that brand awareness campaigns are fundamental to driving customers through the marketing funnel to conversion.

We’ll be continuing to drive growth through branding bursts for Tyres & More in 2020. Love to raise awareness for your own brand? Get in touch today to find out how our expert team can help you obtain exceptional results for your business.


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