Why franchise marketing is so unique

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Why franchise marketing is so unique

Working with some of Australia’s top franchises over the last twenty years has given me a bird’s eye view on how successful franchise marketing works, and how it differs from other brand sectors.

From the Foodco Group – who own much-loved food retail brands such as Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue – to Tyres & More and national home improvement businesses, I’ve learned that franchise marketing needs a deft team and a clear vision to bring all the different pieces together. Here are some ways that we do it.

1. We keep things simple

Our creative studio always approaches a franchise group differently to a standalone client. It’s a top-down message that needs to disperse clearly across diverse communities without losing any of its punch. Complexity dilutes a franchise. It also needs to be rolled out expertly so that all locations are in sync.

We also work on franchise recruitment for our clients; i.e. targeting audiences who are looking for businesses or franchises for sale. To do that, we’ve built out different websites to the consumer-facing products, to keep the messaging on point and effective.

2. We focus on the basics - loyalty!

While all brands strive to create loyalty, franchises were actually pioneers in the now much-talked about marketing concept of creating communities. 

The power of a franchise rewards program is that it enables customers to engage with a brand across multiple locations. Yet it’s also about creating a brand identity that resonates. Which is why…

3. We tell a meaningful story

While great deals still drive sales, today’s consumers want more. They want to engage with a brand that represents something.

Muffin Break is an iconic Australian brand with 200+ franchises across the country. We’ve worked with them successfully for many years and while our creative campaigns still tap into that rich history, we’ve also modernised the brand through fresh initiatives and underscoring their commitment to environmental sustainability and to the Australian community.

For example, our $2 Muffin Day campaign won a Silver Davey award; not just for the campaign rollout but for the way we worked with Muffin Break on supporting flood-stricken Townsville. You can read more about that here.

We also helped them win several prestigious awards for their recycling collaboration with Simply Cups, via the hugely successful  ‘one cup sold, one cup recycled’ campaign. As Natalie Brennan, General Manager of Muffin Break, says: 

“It was a very simple message with multiple media opportunities. We use headmark as a trusted advisor; after many years of collaboration, they’re an extension of my team and as passionate about Muffin Break as we are!”

4. We harness the reach of digital

We have a highly skilled team who can optimise digital campaigns expertly for large national franchises, ensuring that struggling locations get more attention if need be. Whether it’s through targeted YouTube ads or Google Search, we can deliver results which often oustrip KPIs. This was the case recently when we increased lead generation by 29% for a national home improvement franchise.

We also work on long-loop conversion for franchise recruitment. Given the investment level of buying a franchise business, it can take years to nurture prospects through their journey. It takes patience and tailored messaging at every stage.

5. We prove ROI to franchisees

Lastly, most franchises charge their franchisees a marketing fee or percentage. It’s part of the allure of joining a national brand with experience and connections. However, that fee also means that franchisees want to see exactly where their money is going.

The headmark team often presents results and ideas at annual franchise conferences or workshops, so that the whole network can understand where the money is going – particularly when it comes to digital. Trust is an important part of the process!

Love to know more about how we can help your franchise business? Get in touch today for a confidential chat.  


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