The top Facebook trends of 2019

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The 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ makes for some fascinating reading, particularly for marketers. Serving as a comprehensive review of the topics seeing growth across Facebook, there is plenty of insight into the conversations and issues which will matter most over the rest of the year.

Areas of interest included fashion & beauty, commerce, science & technology, entertainment, travel & leisure, food & drink and mind & body. There’s a lot to take in, but we’ve broken down some of the key things to be looking out for no matter what industry you’re in as we go on with 2019.

The top Facebook trends of 2019

1. We Care About The Planet


One of the trends we’re seeing transcending different industries has to be eco-friendly and sustainable products. The beauty industry is going green in a big way, with consumers looking to natural, organic ingredients as well as plastic-free packaging.

The eco-trend is one that’s seeing equal success in all areas of commerce. People are actively looking for ways to reduce their waste, and key topics they are discussing include bioplastics (made from natural materials), sustainable fashion and the debate over the use of plastic straws. The so-called circular economy is important, as millennials continue to shop ethically and recycle as much as possible.

The top Facebook trends of 2019

2. We Care About Our Bodies & Minds


While diets continue to be on a lot of people’s radars, we’re learning more and more about food. For example, the dialogue is shifting away from “bad” and “good” foods, and focusing more instead on ingredients. There are an abundance of “it” ingredients, and bread—once entirely shunned by those eating healthily—is enjoying something of a revival, with people interested to try the kinds made naturally rather than through over-production. People are also cooking at home a lot more, too, focusing on flavourful cooking.  

People want functional foods with plenty of health benefits to make them feel good, outside and in. We’re also seeing the value in wellness, physically and even spiritually, which is perhaps why it’s seen almost like a luxury good. Positive affirmations, detoxification, self-care and intermittent fasting are all on people’s radars, in addition to Eastern concepts such as Wu Wei—which literally means living “without exertion”.

The top Facebook trends of 2019

3. We’re Seeking Balance


Perhaps it’s our reliance on all things digital that has us craving the outdoors. Even those of us who tend to gravitate towards city life are craving fresh air and concepts such as urban “jungle gyms”.

These days, we’re always “on”. While we’re actively seeking a better work-life balance, we’re attached to our phones and laptops 24/7. This means it can be difficult to switch off, but also to actually be productive. This is probably why productivity software is a big deal right now.

The top Facebook trends of 2019

4. We’re Looking To Escape


Tech-fueled escapism is now a reality. Immersion into live gaming is apparent, with spectator platforms such as Twitch garnering attention for the literally billions of hours available to be viewed. We are delving deeper and deeper into digital worlds, with more adults playing video games than ever before, and we’re wanting more immersion in the form of virtual reality.

When it comes to travel and leisure time, we’re physically seeking an escape, too, often in the form accessible adventures, such as “glamping” experiences and outdoor exploration for beginners, as well as time on the beach.

The top Facebook trends of 2019

5. We’re Looking To Diversify Classic Experiences


People are celebrating diversity right down to the things that they eat, and there has been a rise in conversations about international comfort foods, healthy soul food and finding alternatives to timeless favourites, for example in creating vegetarian versions.

Newer formats for consuming content continue to lead the way, but not everyone is convinced that newer is always better. On the one hand, for example, voice-controlled speakers are so a la mode, but there’s also some concern of late about sound quality, too. Audiophiles just aren’t convinced that speakers that can talk to them are also going to offer the best quality sound, so they’re actively researching ways to heighten their listening experience.

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