headmark.’s incredible year of +43% digital spend growth

“By year’s end, we want headmark. to be synonymous with where real growth starts.”

headmark.’s incredible year of +43% digital spend growth

It’s been an unprecedented year of growth for us here at headmark. in the way of +43% digital spend. We closed off a strong quarter — marching into the next, full steam ahead. Most recently, we have: 

  • Signed the business of two sizeable clients with considerable digital real-estate
  • And expanded our bespoke domestic team with two specialist hires

In terms of campaign success, our brand awareness campaign for Yokohama Tyres, yielded an 18% year-on-year boost of site traffic. While our Muffin Break seasonal campaign yielded an incredible 53% uplift in sales. Suffice it to say, this has been an era of prosperity and growth. A welcome experience in the midst of distinguishing ourselves as a digital agency with equal parts creative expertise and data-oriented strategy.  

“We’ve had some positive momentum behind us recently,” says Sharne Patient, Co-founder and CEO.

“It’s about helping our clients unlock real business growth through smart digital strategy and creative execution.”

Among the two new businesses are PBCo. (formerly Anna’s Low-Carb Kitchen, The Protein Bread Company), a global low-carb nutrition brand. As well as Megasealed, an Australia-wide tiling/waterproofing solutions goliath. They join the likes of Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue, and Yokohama. 

To accommodate the agency’s rapid growth, we have also just hired two more digital specialists: Dominika Puzyniak (Digital Campaign Specialist) and Garry Lu (Digital Content Producer). In terms of the existing team, Senior Digital Manager Ania Adamczyk has been promoted to Head of Digital Strategy.

“Digital is an ever-changing and exciting landscape,” says Adrien Jarvis, Digital Director.

“Having the right team is non-negotiable if you want to truly achieve business success for  your clients. And I’m confident headmark. has the right expertise on its side.” 

With a productive and fruitful first few months of FY19/20 under our belt, headmark. looks to achieve exactly what we have been striving towards. Tangible results, high metrics, and the lasting legacy of our name — something that is rather difficult to firmly establish in this fast-paced and saturated age of digital. In any case, as of now, the outlook seems wildly promising. 

“By year’s end, we want headmark. to be synonymous with where real growth starts,” says Nigel Patient, co-founder and Managing Director.

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